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Integrated systems are the best way to add ease and comfort to your home. From automated lighting and shading, to fully integrated networks, to remote access to most of the components of your home, there is a solution that is right for you!

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Whether it be a commercial property or your home, How-Mat Automation ensures that you feel safe with expertly installed security camera systems.

Our camera systems allow you customize your settings for your needs and have alerts sent to you so that you are always informed on the safety of your property. How-Mat Automations security camera installation process is designed with you in mind and our high quality camera systems are sure to surpass your expectations.

  • Stay Up To Date With Alerts
  • Reliable systems
  • Sleek Designs Integrated Into Your Property's Exterior
  • Fast Installation Process

We understand that if you’re at an office or in your home you need access to reliable WiFi to accomplish your tasks, which is why our professionals can guarantee that your connection will be top of the line. Our holistic approach also involves setting up your home network to take the burden off of you and giving you reliable Internet connection.

We ensure that every system is set up and designed specifically for your home or business to guarantee that you get exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Reliable Connection
  • Speedy Internet
  • Fast and Stress-free Installation


At How-Mat Automation we provide you with the strongest WiFi system possible and the most reliable network.


Easily provide the precise amount of lighting where it is needed with How-Mat Automation’s lighting controls.

Whether you are in a meeting and need to lower the lights for your presentation or are at home and want to dim the lights for dinner, our lighting controls make this possible. How-Mat Automation’s lighting controls are intelligent and efficient allowing you to conveniently adjust the ambience in your atmosphere to fit your needs.

  • Simple Controls
  • Different Settings For Different Scenarios
  • Sleek Designs That Blend In With Your Interior
  • Fast Installation Process

With How-Mat Automation’s shading solutions you can easily adjust your shades to block out the sun during the day or at night for privacy using easy-to-use controls. Our complete design process ensures that your shading system perfectly fits your windows and coincides with the existing design of your room.

We guarantee that the convenience of our shading solutions will make your life easier!

  • Stylish Design
  • Seemlessly Blends Into Your Room
  • Efficient and Smooth Controls
  • Fast and Stress-free Installation


Tired of fumbling with your blinds while simultaneously being blinded by the sun?


Whether you are in an office or at home, we understand that climate control is essential to comfort.

How-Mat Automation’s fast and reliable air conditioning and heating systems will help ensure you maintain your perfect comfort level. You can even control your HVAC system when you are away from home! Set your home’s system to the perfect settings so you are greeted with the ideal temperature. Our professionals install state-of-the-art systems that are guaranteed to surpass your expectations when it comes to climate control.

  • Simple Controls
  • Control Settings Wherever You Are
  • Efficient Systems
  • Fast Installation Process

We make communicating over the phone a seamless experience that ensures information can be conveniently carried from person to person. Whether you need a phone system for conference calls or just simple communication between two people, we ensure our systems meet your needs. Our professionals at How-Mat Automation are highly equipped to install your system in your home or business to your complete satisfaction.

  • Easy To Use Systems
  • Crisp and Clear Sound
  • Efficient Systems
  • Fast Installation Process


At How-Mat Automation, our business and home telephone systems are set up to meet your needs.


How-Mat Automation’s Remote Monitoring makes managing our system installations extremely easy and convenient.

You will be able to remain on top of any system malfunctions and resolve any issues while maintaining all of your installed systems. We make this process simple by designing our remote monitoring specifically for your home or business.

Our professionals will ensure you have an understanding on how this system works before they leave your home or building.

  • Simple Controls
  • Efficient Problem Solving
  • Fast Installation Process

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We have been installing specialized electrical systems since 1977 for commercial and residential properties. Specializing in Lutron Lighting Control, your lighting system is sure to fit your needs.

  • Easy To Use Systems
  • Seemless Control
  • Efficient Systems
  • Fast Installation Process

Electrical Contractors

At How-Mat Automation, our business and home electrical systems are guarenteed to make your life easier.